Comfortable Baby Cradles

As a new parent, having your little one sleep near you can not only make diaper changes and nighttime feedings easier, but also helps the newborn sleep soundly and comfortably. For this, it is important that you buy a baby cradle. Baby cradles or rocking bassinets which can be placed near your bed generally look like small cribs that rock back and forth. The rocking motion of the cradles reminds the newborn of their mother’s body movements when they were in the womb. It helps them feel protected and reassured and often sends them to sleep for longer hours.

Cradles help provide a cocoon like encasing for your baby, so that the infant feels cozy and comfortable. However, it is important to note a cradle is best used from birth until your baby is approximately four to six months old.

Listed below are the top 5 Baby cradles that can be purchased from

Let’s begin with #5…

#5: Sorelle Dondola Cradle, Espresso

sorelle espresso

Made from New Zealand pine, the Sorelle Dondola Cradle, Espresso features smooth hand rubbed corners and surfaces and is also scratch resistant. This non toxic wooden baby furniture is not only covered with a spill and stain resistant polyester for easy maintenance, but also is stuffed with urethane foam to help the baby stay comfortable. The gliding motion promises to put your baby to sleep quickly and experience the best sleep.

#4: Sorelle Dondola Gliding Cradle, Cherry

sorelle cherry

Constructed of solid pine, the Sorelle Dondola Gliding Cradle – Cherry allows you to glide your infant to sleep and stop the motion as and when required. Suitable for babies up to three months, this cradle includes a mattress and can withstand weight up to 25 lbs.

#3: Orbelle Trading Ga Ga Cradle, French White


This beautiful Orbelle Trading Ga Ga Cradle, French White is built of solid wood with detailed curve and includes a fitted mattress and tools for easy assembly.It is also features stoppers that helps stop the cradle from rocking as and when required.

#2: DaVinci Futura Cradle in Cherry

davinci futura

If you are looking for a traditionally designed cradle that is equipped with safety features and offers all the modern amenities, the DaVinci Futura Cradle in Cherry with wheels would be a perfect one. Constructed of New Zealand pine wood, this lead and phthalate safe cradle feature caster wheels for easy mobility and is also equipped with a locking pin that allows you to lock it and keep the cradle stationary as well. Placing the baby in this cradle can leave parents rest assured that their baby is being rocked to sleep in one of the safest of cradles.

#1: BABYBJORN Cradle


This compact and cozy cradle for babies is a great choice for parents looking for a cradle that is not only light weight, but is also easy to clean and maintain. Designed for babies up to six months old, this cradle features machine washable material for easy maintenance and can be carried easily around the house. While the breathable, soft mesh fabric on the sides allows air flow, the low height of the cradle allows you to check a check on your baby. In addition, the soft rocking motion helps comfort your baby and helps him sleep peacefully. Quick and easy to assemble, the BABYBJORN Cradle makes it to the top position because it includes most of the amenities that parents usually look for when buying a cradle for their little one.