Baby Carrier Backpacks

Taking an infant along on a hike or a walk in the park can be challenging. A stroller is not designed to navigate rough terrain or uneven surfaces. Baby Carrier Backpacks are often a better option, as they allow parents to take the infant along on any type of walk. Several models are listed below, to help you determine which one may suit your particular needs and requirements:

#5 – Baby Backpack, Cross Country

baby back pack

The Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier Stand Child Kid Sun Shade Visor Shield Red combines light weight with desirable features to keep the baby safe. The adult harness includes two padded, adjustable shoulder straps and a padded waist belt. The infant carrier includes a safety harness and a vinyl canopy with clear side shields, for protection. It is made of a sturdy alloy frame, with a pull out table stand. It weights five lbs and features compartments for storing water bottles, snacks, and other useful items. The weight capacity is 40 pounds.

#4- ERGObaby Original Collection Backpack

ergo original

The Ergobaby Original Collection Sea Skipper Baby Carrier is useful for parents who need different carrying options. It can be used as a front, back, or hip carrier. The ergonomic design puts the baby in a more natural position. The padded shoulder and hip straps distribute the baby’s weight evenly between both areas. It has a weight capacity of up t 45 pounds. It is made of durable cotton and weights a mere 2.5 pounds.

#3 – ERGObaby Organic Backpack

ergobaby organic

The ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier, River Rock Green product comes with an natural configuration that benefits both parents and infants. The padded shoulder and waist straps distribute weight evenly across the back and shoulders. The seat design positions the baby naturally. The washable fabric is made of 100 percent organic cotton, which makes it comfortable and less likely to irritate delicate or sensitive skin. It is also machine washable and extremely lightweight, so it can be packed in a diaper bag or suitcase.

#2 – ERGObaby Performance Collection Pack

ergobaby performance

The Ergobaby Performance Collection Charcoal Grey Carrier weights only 1.5 pounds and is made of a blend of durable fabrics, cotton and polyester. It features the same ergonomic design features as other Ergobaby models. In addition, it comes with nylon mesh pockets for taking along baby items or snacks and water. It also holds a baby up to 45 pounds and is machine washable in cold water. It is suggested that this product be removed from the dryer while it is still damp, or air dried. This model can carry the infant in three different positions and is moderately priced, at under $140.

#1 – ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier

ergo original

The ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier, Black/Camel is made of a light weight vinyl fabric, which contains no harmful chemicals or additives. It can be used in front, back, and hip positions. It comes with padded should straps and hip strap, which makes it easier for parents to take baby along. The infant seat is designed to keep the baby in a natural position. The product is reasonably priced, at around $115. It makes an excellent gift idea for active parents who enjoy the outdoors, yet are concerned about the health and well being of their babies.