Review: Top 5 Baby Phones, Flashlight and Remote Control

Toys are instrumental in the intellectual growth of any child. Baby phones, flashlights, and remote toys in particular help kids learn basic life skills. Additionally, these toys keep your child occupied and away from your phone and other electronic gadget that may be harmful to them. Below are five baby phone, flashlight and remote toys that are perfect for your child’s growth and intellectual development. Designed to give your child the most realistic experience, and the good new is that these toys can be acquired from Amazon

5. VTech Slide & Talk Kids Smart Phone

VTech Slide and Talk Kids Smart Phone Toy

As the name suggests, the Vtech Slide and talk kids smartphone is an electronic baby phone designed to look like a real slide smartphone. With an animated LCD screen that can be adjusted for vertical or horizontal viewing, this baby phone is an ideal learning tool for kids aged two years and above. To keep your child fully occupied and entertained, this phone features a slide-out ABC keyboard, text messages, and surprise pre-recorded phone calls. Three AAA batteries power the phone. This smartphone is a fun and exciting tool for stimulating your baby’s intellectual growth.

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Review : Five Top and Best Diaper Pail & Disposal System

If you are a parent, then you know that there is probably nothing that smells worse than a baby’s smelly diaper. This is why it is necessary, neigh, mandatory to invest in a Diaper Pail & Disposal System. A good diaper pail will ensure that you and your family are spared from the smelly horrors of a stinky diaper. Unfortunately, finding a suitable diaper pail is never easy, especially if you are a new parent. If you are a new parent you probably have considered purchasing a diaper pail and if you have not then you might want to consider what a diaper pail can do for you. To assist in your selection and purchase, below is a list of five different but high-quality diaper pails available on Amazon.

5 Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail 

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail with Refill Bags, 10 Count

Starting us off at number five is the Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail that relies on the proven power of baking soda in combating the dreaded smell of stinky diapers. This diaper pail comes with ten refill bags with self-sealing lids. Thus, while the baking soda absorbs the foul smell, the self-sealing lid prevents it from escaping the re-fill bag. For convenience, each bag can hold up to twenty-five diapers and can easily be tossed away. Overall, the Arm and Hammer pail from Munchkin ensures that no foul smell escapes into your baby’s nursery.


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Review: Top 5 and Best Humidifiers for Babies & Moms.

We all know that dry air is hazardous to the health of babies and moms, this is because bacteria and other harmful microorganisms thrive in dry air; therefore one of the best ways of preventing the accumulation of dry air is having the best humidifier in your room. This will help maintain healthy levels of humidity, especially during winter. Additionally, a humidifier will be instrumental in the prevention of infections, sicknesses and allergies.

There are many different types of humidifiers; however, not all are ideal for infants and children. Thus, as a parent, you need a humidifier that is not only efficient but also kids-friendly. To help you in your search, here is a list of five baby humidifiers that are worth considering.

5. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier  

The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier has an owl-like design, making the most adorable humidifier in this list. The humidifier’s 1-gallon tank has an output of 2.1 gallons and is ideal for rooms of up to 250 sq. The emptying of the reservoir triggers the auto shut off feature, which is an integral safety feature. One of the primary benefits of using this humidifier is its quiet operation that guarantees your baby sleeps comfortably. The humidifier can run continuously for 24 hours when on medium setting. Overall, the Crane Ultrasonic is a great humidifier whose adorable design blends well with your baby’s nursery décor.


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Review: Best and Top 4 Baby Room Air Purifiers

You want the best for your baby, and that starts with the air that they breathe. Your baby’s room should have the best conditions possible for overall health and these monitors will help create that atmosphere. Each of these top five purifiers was selected for their advanced filter systems and extra features that make them perfect for a baby or toddler’s room. A good quality air purifier will help cut down allergy symptoms, reduce bacteria and mold, get rid of pet dander and pollen to give your infant the best possible sleeping area.

Below we have provided a list of the best air purifiers for your baby’s room. These top  purifiers are available to purchase from and is mentioned below in no particular order as they are all good depending upon your need.

Vicks Nursery Table Top Air Purifier:

Created by a brand you can trust, Vicks Nursery Table Top Air Purifier was created with your baby in mind. The compact unit delivers high-quality filtration in a small, easy to use product. Don’t let the size fool you though. Inside you will find a full-strength four stage integrated carbon filter with HEPA filter system to thoroughly filter the air your baby breathes. Two easy to use dials on the top of the unit allow you to control the settings to match your needs. Full front and rear grids offer maximum filtration.


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Review: Top 5 video baby monitor

Video baby monitors have completely revolutionized how parents take care of their babies. Previously, parents had to rush to their babies rooms at the slightest of noises. With video baby monitors parents can now monitor their babies without being inside their rooms physically. Video baby monitors help parents assess their babies’ cries as sometimes babies wake up and drift back to sleep on their own without the need of parental intervention. A video baby monitor will be crucial to a parent’s peace of mind. Below is a list of top five video baby monitors on Amazon.

5. Motorola MBP26 Wireless 2.4 GHz Video Baby Monitor
Motorola MBP26 Wireless 2.4 GHz Video Baby Monitor with 2.4" Color LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision and Remote Camera Pan and Tilt
The Motorola MBP26 wireless 2.4 GHz video baby monitor has a more reliable wireless connection compared to previous cordless versions. The 2.4 GHz FHSS technology guarantees peace of mind thanks to its secure digital communication signal. The FHSS technology is impervious to any electric interference from other similar electronic devices used inside a home. This technology also ensures that the connection is free from eavesdroppers. The MBP26 has a range of 520 ft. and features an out of range warning system that alerts the parent when it is out of range. In general, the Motorola MBP26 is a great piece of hardware.


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Review: Top 4 Best Training Toothbrush for Babies

We can all agree that dental hygiene is very important for everybody – even babies. It is best to teach young ones how to brush their teeth with a training toothbrush. Here are some of the top-selling training toothbrushes that are available on Amazon. Many toothbrushes have simulated bristles on them which I am sure feel good to a teething baby, but they have been known to break off. Babies should be supervised when using their training toothbrush. Using training toothbrushes is a great way to get baby used to having their teeth cleaned. It is never too early to start.

Here are the top selling infant toothbrush is available on Amazon:

#4 Japan Pigeon Baby Training Toothbrush

Japan Pigeon Baby Training Toothbrush Set Step 4 (For 16 Month+ and Up) Pink
Japan Pigeon baby training toothbrush for baby comes from Japan, where they are made by a company called Pigeon. These are simply miniature tooth brushes. Reviewer’s on Amazon really like these toothbrushes because they are very small and able to fit into infants mouths easily. The bristles are soft and easy on babies’ teeth. These toothbrushes come two to a pack, and are available in pink and blue. These tooth brushes are part of a series of toothbrushes for baby that come in different sizes. The ones we mention here are “Step 4.” You can also get earlier, smaller “steps” for your baby.


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Review of The Top 5 and Best Travel Beds for Toddlers!

Sweet Dreams on the Go

Traveling with a young child can be tricky enough without having to worry about where they will sleep. The child’s comfort and safety are, of course, the primary considerations – hotels, and even friends and relatives, aren’t always likely to have suitable beds for little ones. Sometimes space itself is the issue; hotel rooms with two standard beds might accommodate the older members of the party, leaving the littlest traveler on what is often an old and uncomfortable roll away cot. Portable toddler beds can be an excellent solution to this problem, providing space, comfort and security for children, whether they are on an extended vacation or spending the night at Grandma’s.

Below, we have listed the top 5 portable toddler beds currently available from

Starting with #5…

#5 – Intex Kidz Travel Bed with Hand Pump

The Intex Kidz Travel Bed is an inflatable bed that fits into a separate inflatable frame. Since the mattress separates from the frame, you can easily use standard crib sheets with this bed. When used together, the frame surrounds the mattress with a roughly 10-inch-high wall – perfect for the little sleeper who is too big for a pack and play, but still at risk of falling out of a regular bed. The mattress and frame are both covered with a soft, flocked texture, and the set inflates easily with the included hand pump. When it’s no longer needed, the bed deflates and can be stored in the included carrying bag. Much more affordable than full-sized beds, and with extra features designed with toddlers in mind, the Intex Kidz Travel bed is a great choice for traveling youngsters.


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Review: Top 5 and Best Convertible Car Seats

A car seat is one of the most important safety devices you’ll ever buy for your baby. Not only will it keep them snug and secure on family road trips, but if the unthinkable happens and you’re involved in a car crash, the car seat your child rides in plays a critical role in ensuring his or her safety. Convertible car seats are a good option to consider; ones that can be adjusted as your child grows. This eliminates the hassle of having to buy a new device as your baby progresses from infant to toddler, saving you time and money.

To help make your search easier, we’ve listed below the top 5 convertible car seats currently available to buy from

#5. Britax Pavilion G4 Convertible Car Seat, Gridline

The Britax Pavilion G4 Convertible Car seat is suitable for babies 5 to 40 pounds in the rear-facing position, and fits youngsters 20 to 65 pounds facing forwards, making it a fit for your child from the time they come home from the hospital until they head off to school. The Britax prioritizes safety, with specialized foam padding, steel reinforcements, and straps and interior crumple zones that adjust your child’s position in the event of a crash to keep them deeply and securely in their seats. The harness system is designed to be hassle and tangle-free. It also lets you know with a click when the harness is properly adjusted, taking the guesswork out of making sure your baby is secure. While not the most affordable option, the Britax Pavilion G4 is hard to beat in terms of safety for your little traveller.

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Top 5 Best Diaper Bags 2014

A diaper bag or nappy bag is an essential baby gear for parents with infants and toddlers. These bags usually feature several convenient compartments to store all your baby essentials and are small enough to fit on or under a buggy or stroller. Diaper bags help parents store diapers, baby bottles, baby toys, baby wipes or extra baby clothes and are a perfect solution for any new mother on the go. The fact that these bags are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes and price ranges, choosing the right one can sometimes prove to be a difficult task.

Listed below are 5 best diaper bags that can be purchased from

Let’s begin with #5:

#5: JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag Stone Arbor

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