Review: Top 5 and Best Chariot Strollers

Chariot strollers can help parents to have elegant and stress-less lifestyle. Using chariot strollers the whole family can enjoy activities that promote health and fitness like hiking, jogging, biking or skiing. This time spent out in the open playing together is a valuable tool to promote togetherness in the family. This is why chariot strollers have unique designs incorporated into their strollers such as handlebars for bikers and skiers. These handles can be hooked up either to your bike or ski. There are many chariot strollers in the market today so in this article we are going to look at top five of them….starting with #5:

#5. Thule CX1 Child Carrier for Stroller

The Thule CX1 Child Carrier for Stroller is equipped with deluxe features that are designed to make the stroller useful in all kind of weather. The stroller has disc handbrakes that can be used when on the go in steep terrains. The ergonomic handlebar offers a comfortable 5-grip position for you to hold on to. The roll cage is made of aluminum and combined with the adjustable suspensions the Thule CX1 offers a safer and more comfortable ride for your toddler. The stroller company placed a lot of emphasis on safety when building this product. They put a 5 point safety harness and a recessed helmet to ensure exactly this. Weather conditions are unpredictable at best and this is why the Thule CX1 comes with vented windows, a sunshade and a zip down weather cover. There are also little included in the design that will come in handy at the oddest time like the rear storage area for the baby’s bag or the ezFold design to fit the stroller in your boot.

#4. Chariot Chinook 1 Carrier

I like the Chariot Chinook 1 Carrier because it allows you to do outdoor activities with your entire family like biking or skiing without having to buy any additional components. Weighing in at just 32 lbs the Chinook chassis ensures a smooth ride for your baby due to the suspension system in place and the reclining seat chassis are all ensure that your child can take a nap. The locking pivot front wheels are enabled for jogging or for strolling to increase speed and turning. The transparent netting and roll up weather proof covers means that you can use your stroller come rain or sunshine. Chariot also incorporated VersaWing and eZ technology in the chinook chassis for you to be able to change activities quickly and easily. The product comes with a lifetime warranty so you do not have to be afraid of spending all that cash for nothing.

#3. Thule Chariot CX2 Two Child Stroller

The Thule Chariot CX2 Two Child Stroller comes as five conversion kits and a chassis. The conversion kits are optional for jogging, skiing, strolling and turning the Chariot into a bike. Turning the trailer into a stroller takes a short time and the storage compartments in the rear providing ample space for shopping, groceries or bike locks. The CX2 comes with two shoulder straps and an extra lap buckle that little ones will find easy to use. In case there is limited storage space you can fold the chassis by pulling a release pin on the side. The Chariot CX2 can carry two children with a combined weight of 100 pounds. It offers plenty of head, leg and shoulder room for both of them. The build and handling of the CX2 inspires confidence with no loose connections to complain about. Its reflective material and glow in the dark fabric increases visibility at night.

#2. Chariot CX1 Stroller Single Carrier, Copper

The Chariot CX1 single carrier is a model of innovation for the chariot stroller models. Most people I have talked to were happy with their functionality related to the product in spite of the price so I decided to check it out. The Chariot’s most unique beneficial feature according to me is the external mid-frame. This allows your child to be able to climb aboard for the ride themselves depending on their age and once inside the extra leg room is a big plus for comfort. The comfort extends to you while pushing along the stroller with the ergonomic handgrips. It has both a deluxe 2 in 1 cover and a zip down PU front window for protection against the element. The five point harness system ensures safety for your child and if you are not too sure you can always use the Quicklip on the cover to access your child. This Chariot stroller also has the features that have come to be expected in all Chariot strollers like the drum brakes, five position reversible handlebar and lots of storage space on the stroller. All in all you will not be disappointed with this stroller.

#1. Thule Chariot Cheetah Single Stroller

The Thule Chariot Cheetah Single Stroller is a sleek aerodynamic design that offers both speed for the parent and comfort for the little one. The stroller offers an internal shoulder width of 23 inches and a sitting height of 26″ more than ample space for one child. The chariot cheetah has a five point harnessing system with a padded belt for your child’s safety. This model comes with roll up sun shade that blocks the sun rays from your child’s eye, this is ideal since the toddler is most probably too young to wear sunglasses. The young ones especially liked the interior mesh pockets which meant that they could bring their toys along for our stroll. The cheetah models features both front strolling wheels to make it easier to cut tight corners and 20″ quick release rear wheels for when you are roughing it up. It features an easy to use Ez fold technology to make it able to fit in the boot of your car after a stroll or for storage. The Thule chariot cheetah converts from a stroller to a jogging stroller, hiking stroller, cross country skiing stroller and is well worth the price tag attached to it.