Review: Top 5 and Best Humidifiers for Babies & Moms.

We all know that dry air is hazardous to the health of babies and moms, this is because bacteria and other harmful microorganisms thrive in dry air; therefore one of the best ways of preventing the accumulation of dry air is having the best humidifier in your room. This will help maintain healthy levels of humidity, especially during winter. Additionally, a humidifier will be instrumental in the prevention of infections, sicknesses and allergies.

There are many different types of humidifiers; however, not all are ideal for infants and children. Thus, as a parent, you need a humidifier that is not only efficient but also kids-friendly. To help you in your search, here is a list of five baby humidifiers that are worth considering.

5. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier  

The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier has an owl-like design, making the most adorable humidifier in this list. The humidifier’s 1-gallon tank has an output of 2.1 gallons and is ideal for rooms of up to 250 sq. The emptying of the reservoir triggers the auto shut off feature, which is an integral safety feature. One of the primary benefits of using this humidifier is its quiet operation that guarantees your baby sleeps comfortably. The humidifier can run continuously for 24 hours when on medium setting. Overall, the Crane Ultrasonic is a great humidifier whose adorable design blends well with your baby’s nursery décor.


4. Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Humidifier

If you have two infants sharing one room, the Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Humidifier, Blue is the humidifier for you. This humidifier is equipped with two mist outlets, which allow for the efficient and even distribution of moisture in a room. The Safety 1st Ultrasonic shuts off when the tank becomes empty. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, you do not have to worry about filter replacement costs. With 12 hours of operation, the Safety 1st Ultrasonic Humidifier is an efficient and versatile humidifier.

3. Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier

According to its manufacturer, the Honeywell Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier is capable of exterminating up to 99.9% of germs found in dry air. This the humidifier can do courtesy of its Patented Germ Killing chamber. Also, the humidifier has an antimicrobial filter. A self-regulating evaporation system means that you do not have to adjust its moisture levels manually. As a bonus, the Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist is capable of running on a single filling for 24 hours.

2. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

The Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier is ideal for medical use as it is fitted with a medicine cup. This cup allows for the production of medicated vapor from Kaz Inhalant or Vicks Vaposteam. Similar to the Honeywell, Safety and Crane humidifiers, the Vicks has an auto-shut off feature that is activated when the tank is empty. The one-gallon tank is capable of generating cool mist for 12 hours. The quiet operation and nightlight create a soothing atmosphere for your baby to sleep. The Vicks is recommended if your child has a condition that makes them vulnerable to respiratory related illnesses.

1. Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Topping the list is the Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, whose unique contemporary design has earned it the 2011 International Housewares design awards. This humidifier is energy and cost efficient as it can run on one filling for 24 hours and does not have filters that may need replacing. Moreover, the humidifier has a 360 degrees nozzle and different control settings. Since it runs for 24 hours without requiring a refill, the humidifier is quiet enough not to interfere with your baby’s sleep. The one-gallon tank of the humidifier has an impressive output of 2.3 gallons per day, which is why this Crane humidifier is number one on our list.

The humidifiers listed above offer you unrivaled performance and efficiency, thus, if you have been looking for a humidifier for your infant or child then you probably should strongly consider any of the five humidifiers mentioned above……Good Luck!