Review: Top 5 and Best Nipple Creams:

If you’re suffering from cracked, bleeding, and excruciatingly sore nipples after few weeks of breastfeeding then following are few great choices of creams that you can apply. It will take away your worry and discomfort and relieve you from any kind of pain.

a. Motherlove Nipple Cream for Sore Cracked Nursing Nipples

Motherlove Nipple Cream Certified Organic Salve for Sore Cracked Nursing Nipples, 1 Oz.

Motherlove’s nipple cream has 100% certified organic ingredients with natural herbal ingredient that quickly takes away the discomfort of sore, cracked nursing nipples. It also makes your skin soft and gives you relief from any kind of pain while feeding your baby. No need to be washed off cream before breastfeeding baby.


b. Lansinoh Brand Lanolin Nipple Cream

Lansinoh Brand Lanolin Topical Treatment - 1.41 oz

Lansinoh Cream is are known as the leading nipple cream, 100% natural, preservative free, soothes and protects sore and cracked nipples. It is safe for mom as well as for baby. It is also hypoallergenic so no need to remove prior to breastfeeding.


c. Earth Mama Angel Bab Nipple Butter Nursing Cream

Earth Mama Angel Baby Non GMO Natural Nipple Butter Nursing Cream, Lanolin Free, 2 Ounce

Natural Nipple Butter is a lanolin-free, Soothing, non-sticky and Non-GMO calendula nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers, and anyone with dry skin. Its natural and organi salve is soothing to sore, chapped, blistered nipples and safe for baby too. Also there is no need to wash it off before feeding. It is dermatologically reviewed, clinically tested, non-irritating and formulated by a Nurse and Herbalist.


d. Medela Tender Care Lanolin Tube

Medela Tender Care Lanolin Tube, 2 Ounce

Medela’s tender care lanolin advanced nipple therapy is 100% natural, designed for moms who with discomfort during feeding, it gives soothing relief and protection to nipples. It is also hypoallergenic with all natural ingredients and 100% safe for baby. You don’t need to remove before breast feeding.


e. Era Organics Soothing Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding Moms

Soothing Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding Moms 2oz. 100% Natural, USDA Certified Organic Healing Balm For Chapped, Irritated, Sensitive Skin. Non-GMO, Cruelty Free, Baby Safe Breastfeeding Cream

This healing ointment is 100% natural and safe cream that gives soothing and moisturizing relief, it is perfect for chapped and irritated skin and has best ingredients like hypoallergenic, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, apricot oil, arrowroot powder, chamomile extract, calendula oil and more.