Review: Top 5 Baby Phones, Flashlight and Remote Control

Toys are instrumental in the intellectual growth of any child. Baby phones, flashlights, and remote toys in particular help kids learn basic life skills. Additionally, these toys keep your child occupied and away from your phone and other electronic gadget that may be harmful to them. Below are five baby phone, flashlight and remote toys that are perfect for your child’s growth and intellectual development. Designed to give your child the most realistic experience, and the good new is that these toys can be acquired from Amazon

5. VTech Slide & Talk Kids Smart Phone

VTech Slide and Talk Kids Smart Phone Toy

As the name suggests, the Vtech Slide and talk kids smartphone is an electronic baby phone designed to look like a real slide smartphone. With an animated LCD screen that can be adjusted for vertical or horizontal viewing, this baby phone is an ideal learning tool for kids aged two years and above. To keep your child fully occupied and entertained, this phone features a slide-out ABC keyboard, text messages, and surprise pre-recorded phone calls. Three AAA batteries power the phone. This smartphone is a fun and exciting tool for stimulating your baby’s intellectual growth.

4. VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

The Vtech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone is a full touch screen kid’s phone with 12 animated apps. The 12 apps include a calendar, a clock, and a weather app. At the bottom of this baby phone is a slide for toggling between the app screen and the music mode, while a home button saves phone numbers. It is important to note that this baby phone is not waterproof and is designed for kids aged between 6 months and three years. The Vtech Touch and Swipe baby phone is perfect for teaching your child role-play and hand-eye coordination at an early age.

3. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

Away from baby phones and to flashlights, the VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is an exciting toy with a child-friendly design. This toy features songs, tunes and phrases that teach about colors, animals, and numbers. In total, the flashlight has 50 sing-along songs, tunes, sounds and phrases and five light colors. A ladybug button activates the toy’s sounds and interacts with a child. Sound is controlled using two different sound controls. This interactive toy is ideal for kids aged between 1 and three years old and is perfect for children of both genders.

2. LeapFrog Chat and Count Cell Phone

LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone, Green

With a total of 15 phone activities for children to explore, the LeapFrog Chat and Count Cell Phone is another amazing baby phone toy. This baby phone features ten number buttons and a music button. The music button gives children access to songs about numbers, and phone routines. A push call button is also available for children to engage with an automated puppy pal. One of the great features of this baby phone toy is that parents can access the online LeapFrog learning path for learning ideas tailored to suit their children’s needs. The toy is thus a unique educational toy.

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Remote

The realistic styling of the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote earns it position one on our list. This baby remote has a lot of buttons for your baby to press and plenty of lively songs for them to sing along to. By clicking the buttons, your baby can learn about numbers, opposites, greetings, colors and first words. With over 25 sing-along songs, phrases, and tunes, this Fisher Price remote is ideal for your baby’s growth. Additionally, click n learn buttons stimulates the growth of your baby’s fine motor skills.

All the above-listed toys are essential to the intellectual growth of any child; thus it is high time you considered acquiring one of them for your toddler.